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Catalog No. :4693
Type:SP 180 SY
Made in:2017
Control system: SIEMENS 840D
Total hours: 1024 h
Spindle Hours: 271 h
Maximum turning length: 300 mm
Turning diameter over bed (max): 530 mm
Turning diameter over cross slide (max): 180 mm
X1/Z1: 165/480 mm
Y1: 45 mm
Number of spindles: 2 pcs
Maximum power of the main spindle: 17.5 kW
Diameter of the spindle bore: 43 mm
Maximum spindle speed: 6000 1/min
Counterspindle speed: 6000 1/min
Number of tool turrets: 1 pcs
Maximum number of tools: 12 pcs
Number of driven tools in the turret: 12 pcs
Tool positioning time: 0.15 s
Number of synchronous axles: 7 pcs
Spindle bore: 51 mm
Counterspindle bore: 40 mm
Length of the lathe: 3875 mm
Width of the lathe: 2122 mm
Height: 2345 mm
Weight: 7.7 t
Bar feeder Spacesaver SS2005
Manual rinse
Workpiece ejector in counter spindle
Adaptation for bar feeder
Spindle A5
Counter spindle approach to fixed stop
Status signaling
Internal cooling
Sloping bed